Kayak Recommendation Needed!

I am torn between the Native Designs Inuit 14.5 or the Wilderness Tsunami 145. I am about 6’3", 235 lbs. I am a beginner and will be on Lakes 80% of the time and Slow Rivers 20% of the time. Looking for some advice. Thanks. Bob

worth reading
this thread from late last year compares both:


have you paddled both? how they fit you and how you feel in them are the biggest deciding factors. They are both stable boats good for beginners for the kind of paddling you want to do, so it comes down to personal preference.

Experience with the Tsunami
I’ve been paddling a Tsunami 145 for some time now, and I’m looking to move up to a faster and sleeker sea kayak. That said:

  1. I think you are the right size for the TS 145. (I am not, but with a full load it paddles beautifully.)

  2. The Tsunami is actually remarkably effective in open ocean and rough water conditions. Not fast or all too much maneuverability, but if you find yourself in some conditions it will get you through them. My buddies in sleeker greenland style yaks are pretty nervous, while I can just take it easy. Very stable.

  3. The Tsunami 145 is a real load hauler. A terrific kayak for camping. Volume plus. Bring the kitchen sink.

  4. I cannot say enough about the comfort of the WS Phase 3 outfitting. I can sit in the darn thing all day. You can adjust it to suit.

  5. The one drawback might be that it has hatches and they limit the size of what you can pack. I use relatively small waterproof kayaking bags to deal with it.

    Good luck.

Been paddling a Tsunami
for what will be my fourth year. Excellent boat that you can live with for a long time. Don’t know much about the Native but if at all possible you should paddle both and see which you prefer. If that’s not possible, the Tsumami series has been around a while and I don’t know too many people who’ve paddled them that don’l like them. Solid boat all around.