Kayak recommendation SOT

Looking for a SOT kayak with the following requirements:
General recreational use (no open ocean, raging rivers, etc)
Hold 240 lb paddler
11 to 12 feet long
At least 1 hatch
Reasonably stable with decent speed
Good to high quality boat, fittings, etc
Thermo formed preferred
Thanks for your suggestions within the guidelines.

Eddyline Caribbean 12FS. It checks literally every box on your list.

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The major players in thermoform are Delta and Eddyline. Delta’s SOT is 10 feet so that leaves Eddyline. Their boats are high quality, including the fittings.

Their Caribbean 12 might work: https://eddyline.com/kayak-model/caribbean#about

The Hurricane Skimmer 116 also fits the bill.


I am almost your weight. A 12’ will carry you but I think a 14’ for the speed. Weight puts more hull in the water and reduces speed. I have a Skimmer 140 that is by no means fast, but is OK.

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This Hurricane Skimmer 128 meets your criteria, and once this pandemic is over, I want to sell it.
12 ft, 9 inches long, 47 lbs, thermoform.
It’s a great boat, but I now have three ultralight canoes (13 lbs, 14 lbs, and 18 lbs) so this kayak has been very lightly used, and I need the space in my storage unit.
I, and the boat, are in Central Florida. Message me if you are interested.

Thanks for your suggestions. I need to see what is available in Atlanta after the craziness ends.

Based on your criteria, you are really looking at the Hurricane Skimmer or the Eddyline Carribean. As a Skimmer 128 owner, I will tell you that they both paddle fine but the seating system on the Skimmer is terrible. Even though I test paddled both boats before I bought the Skimmer (which frankly was purchased because of price and dealer proximity), it wasn’t until I put in some hours on the boat that the seat problem become apparent. At least with the Eddyline, you can change out the seat if needed. The Hurricane has a screwed down seat pan/pad and a seat back that is not removable.

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For 240 pounds, I agree with others that a 14 foot or longer kayak would be a better fit. Test paddle before purchasing. Personally, for an SOT, I initially preferred a Current Designs Kestral 140 SOT, then for distance/speed/maneuverability, I moved up to a Current Designs Ignite 16 (kayak hull; surfski deck)

I agree with Currion, the Skimmer seats are not comfortable. I used some upholstery foam cut in a wedge shape with the thicker side (approx. 1.5") toward the seat back. Jammed that under the seat bottom of my new Skimmer 140. Much more comfortable to me now . ( I know that’s going to really soak up some water.) But it works for me. It was like I was sitting in a hole before the foam. Spent about 4 hours fishing Monday and the seat didn’t bother me at all.

I have no problem with my Skimmer’s seat , but the back kills my back after a few minutes. To be fair my torso is longer than most. My goal this spring is to make the seat back more comfortable which may require some seat back surgery.

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Decided on the Caribbean 12. Free shipping from REI while stores are closed. With their satisfaction guarantee, any return is easy as the store is 2 miles from home. Thanks for the input.

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Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. Great all purpose kayak!

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Sure looks nice. How’s the initial vs. secondary stability? Is it fairly fast? How does it handle chop?

I’ll rate the Caribe 12 a 9 out of 10. Super stable due to hull design, not a fast boat, but faster than what I was paddling. Clip on seat is very comfortable. I’m only 6’ and have the foot pegs in the last slot. No hull slap at all.

I find the Skimmer 128 to be very stable, and fast for a SOT. As for chop, I prefer calm conditions as I’m into photography, but I had it off the coast of Cedar Key once and got caught in conditions I wouldn’t have chosen to go out in; whitecaps, and 20 mph wind blowing from one direction as the tide went out from the opposite direction. It handled great, was actually a lot of fun.
A paddling buddy bought an Eddyline Caribbean 12 about the same time I bought my Skimmer. Her boat was extremely noisy in the water, a lot of slapping noise. She didn’t keep it long.
I do want to sell this boat, but not until we’re past social distancing from the pandemic. It is in Central Florida. PM me if you’re interested.

The Tarpon 120 is a better boat than either the Skimmer or Carribean. It is faster and handles bumpy water better. Very stable and a great seat IF you can deal with the weight.

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I doubt you have extensively paddled all 3 boats you mention, but you probably do own a tarpon.

You are correct. I have not paddled either the Carribean or Skimmer extensively. I have paddled Tarpons for a couple of decades in just about every condition. They taught me what to expect from a SOT. I have owned the others and still own the Skimmer. The women I paddle with like it but they are beginners.

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@string, does the Tarpon make noise, like hull slap? My old OK Scrambler was annoying that way; the tri-hull captured little pockets of air/water and was always noisy. My current Percerption Tribe 11.5 doesn’t do that so much, but its scuppers are constantly making gurgling noises like an old-time coffee percolator. I’m looking mostly at a Skimmer 140 now and hoping it will be quiet.