Kayak Recommendation

I have always used a canoe for my paddling/camping adventures, but have always gone with two people. I would like to do more solo paddling/camping and have considered a kayak, I guess because I think they would be easier to paddle solo and offer better control. However I know very little about them other than what I have read here and there. I usually do 1 nighters and carry lightweight gear, i.e. tent, food,sleeping bag, etc. I only paddle small creeks and rivers with no really rough water, however waterway debris is frequent. Can you offer any advise on selecting the right kayak, sit-on or in? and other considerations.

why not just do a search. Or question seems very typical. A lot also depends on how much money you want to spend. 12 to 14 boat sounds about right though

Hard To Beat A Canoe When…
I am a hardcore SitOnTop guy, but it is really hard to beat the comfort and capacity of a canoe when conditions alone.

and solo canoes can be even lighter than kayaks


I paddle both canoes and kayaks…
and like them both equally well.

With that said for your type of paddling “frequent debris”, you might be better staying with a canoe.

It is very frustrating getting in and out of a kayak at downed logs or beaver dams in deep water where both banks are steep.

In the open ocean I would pick a kayak. In a large lake that usually has a lot of wind I would pick a kayak, although if you know what you are doing the canoe is just as good. In unclogged rivers the choice is a toss up, but anyplace where there is a lot of getting in and out I would pick the canoe.

My take!