Kayak Recommendations for the LARGER pad

If I plan on paddling on lakes (weekend camping trips) - what kaya would you recommend for a 6ft 5in (220lb) paddler.

Thank you!!

You and your gear will fit OK.


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Impex Assateague
Large cockpit, great handling, plenty of foot room, fast and good looking…

Prijon Kodiak
Do a search for this kayak and also look in the Product Reviews.

larger paddler
Valley Sea Kayak, Aquanaut HV


Nimbus, Telkwa HV


Liquid Logic Manta Ray 14
Take a look at the Manta Ray 14 SOT. Its a real performer. Big dry hatch up front. 2 small hatches. Large cargo area behind the seat. Aaaand, I’m 6’2" with at least 6" of space beyond my feet in the footwells. It handles my 300 pounds with ease, so you should have plenty of carrying power for cargo.

I second the Impex Assateague
I am a larger weight guy than you are, and I love my Impex Assateague.

I went thru 4 kayaks, over as many seasons, before I found out how great this one is for me, and I am in my 3rd season with it right now.

Don’t buy one before you test paddle one of these.