Kayak recommendations

For years I have rented SOT kayaks for fishing and touring. The past year I ran into shoulder and back problems, which has made paddling quite painfull – otc meds only work for short periods of time. I’m not willing to give-up kayaks and fishing as I just retired and plan on doing a lot more of it.

Anyway! I think I’ve decided upon a reasonable solution – Hobie Mirage Outback or Adventure with (pedal-flipper drive). I read all the posts on FKS and would be interested in hearing other viewpoints. The Outback is 12’1 length and 35" width, the Adventure is 16’ long and 28 wide. I will be primarily fishing TX coastal waters, bays (spring summer) and AZ mud holes the winter. The yaks will be outfitted for fishing. I’m looking for advice and comments to assist in making my decision on which is the best. Thanks!

If you’re looking at those 'yaks, shouldn’t you be at pedaling.net?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist 8^D

See if you can find a place that rents them.

Got A Good Answer For You!
If you haven’t already checked it out I would recommend that you go to www.texaskayakfisherman.com. This is an extremely active and well mantained site with multiple forums and a wealth of information. It has a very active group all along the Texas coast. It even has specific forums geared to both fresh and salt water fishing. There are quite a lot of pictures of numerous yaks set up for fishing and everyone on the site is very freindly and helpful.

Hobie Mirage Sport
My sister in law just got the Mirage Sport with the Mirage Drive peddle system. It is very “fast” with a minimum amount of effort. Just perfect for someone getting elbow replacement surgery next week. My brother bought the fishing package too as the deal was just too good to pass up.

Decision Made
Looks like I will bite the hook and buy an Outback. If I can convince my wife to kayak with me then I will get an Adventure for my self. Probably will be a while on the latter. Heck, the Outback is going to take some creative finaces as well. Oh! How I wish money grew like weeds!