kayak recommendations...

I own 3 Prijon kayaks. I've often been accused of
too much brand loyalty, but I don't see it that

My two ww boats are Prijon's because I hate center
pillars. My sea kayak is a Prijon because the
only other boat I liked as much cost twice as
much and I hated its footpegs.

So here is what I'm looking for in my next sea
kayak: a seat adjustable fore-and-aft for trim,
adjustable thigh hooks, 14-16 ft long, carry
a 220 pound paddler, boat's weight not an issue,
gas pedal foot rests, rudder ready (just in case),
fair amount of primary stability, MSRP under $2K,
and bow and stern storage compartments.

the only boat I know of like that is the Prijon
Touryak, which I quite like.

But I'm open to suggestions.

Old Town Cayuga
Part Cadilac, part Porche… try one.

The old town’s I’ve seen…

– Last Updated: May-26-08 5:50 PM EST –

...have the seat back a couple of inches higher than
the cockpit rim, which would make a skirt difficult.

But I'll take a look at it.

I don’t see…

…an adjustable seat or adjustable thigh braces.

high backed seat
in the cayuga also makes a roll difficult.

I for damned…

…sure don’t need anything to make it harder.

The Cayuga seat is fully adjustable.
The seat back can be lowered below the rim. It can also be raised significantly for relaxed touring. Seat pan angle adjusts too. Most comfortable seat available.

The thigh braces I think are stationary. Never thought to look and see. I will check tonight. Never needed to adjust them I guess.

Boat is not going to kick a QCC, but is no slouch. Very stable and fast in all conditions. Had mine on bumpy rivers and nasty storms on lakes. No rudder required, this thing tracks and glides and turns and inspires confidence.

What kind of footpegs does it have?

Swapping out footpegs
Are you talking about the rotating footpegs for controlling a rudder (as opposed to the ones that slide in tracks)? If you find a boat where everything else is great except the footpegs, you may be able to change them out depending on the hull.

Seadog makes good ones; they used to be available only to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers, i.e. kayak manufacturers).

I have a stash I ordered through a boat-building buddy to retrofit customers’ kayaks. If it comes down to that I’d be happy to sell you a set, but you have to make sure there’s enough clearance under the deck for the pegs to rotate. Some decks are too flat and low.

I’ve heard some outfitters now carry them at retail.


…thanks. there’s an option.

I demoed the Touryak
It is a very nice performing kayak. It was actually just a tad too big for me so I think it would fit you just right. It is kind of tippy in flatwater when still and when you start accelearting from a stop, but once speed picks up, it has this feeling of locking in, and becoming dramatically more stable. I experienced very good secondary stability and speed, tracking, and ease in accleleration, which is not true of all kayaks, such as my Pamlico 140, which can track as good, just much more effort to get it going.

good luck and I hope you find the right boat!! :slight_smile:

Old Town Cayuga
I also have one and agree with all Zenrider has to say. Seat and footpegs suit me fine. I have had it on rivers, creeks and lakes in NE PA. Really like the boat.

ok, i checked my cayuga real close
The seat pan can raise or lower. The seat back can raise and lower even with cockpit rim. No interferance with my Seals 1.7 skirt. The seat pan can raise the front to support your legs slightly bent. The seat back can move forward for more lumbar support. The seat back is self conforming to your lumbar angle. The thigh braces are one piece and apparently not adjustable from what I can tell. But thanks to your question, I found one of mine had loosened, now fixed. Don’t know what foot pegs they are but mine have taken some hard pressure without a problem. I really like the way the latch works compared to the few other yaks I have been in.

But like you say, you are young and willing to trade off one or another feature. But I am old and have spent too much of my life trading off. I want extreme comfort. Most Old Town products now have that oh so sweet seat.

As for seat interference when rolling, I cannot attest. I have a bomb proof “stay-upright”. Unless your attacked by a submarine, you aren’t going to flip a Cayuga. But I bet I could roll this thing with very little learning curve and no pro help.

Still, there are tons of good boats. Just something you might try when breaking out of your brand.

I’m young!!!..

…hot DAY_yam.

I’m 59, but thanks a lot.

I demo’d the touryak too…

…and I liked it. A lot.

rroberts is not young.
He is old as dirt. Probably older even than g2d. :slight_smile:

Nothing is oler than g2d.

"not going to flip a Cayuga"
unless attacked by a submarine–FLW

59 seems young to me these days…

Young is all in the perspective
I’ll hit 70 in July, wish I was 59 it sounds young now didn’t then. Of course I have a very active aunt who is 88 and still thinks of me as a kid.