kayak recs?

So I’ve been reading the reviews for various kayaks for several days now and I still don’t know which kayak would be right for me. I’m 5’10", 125lbs, size 7 feet. I’m looking for a kayak for day trips/overnighter (not planning on any long trips any time soon), lake/sound/surf. I haven’t completely decided if I want speed or maneuverability (pref. both in an ideal world), but I would like to practice my edging and rolls more, and I’m still lacking some strength so a big heavy slug in the water would not work for me. I’ve tried the chatham 17, 18, necky eliza, and seda ikuma. the 18 was the best fit for me, but not quite as maneuverable. the seda ikuma was a little wide, but maneuverability was great. i could not get the eliza to track well at all. any suggestions?

Which Eliza?
Poly or composite. Two different boats. CH 18 too big for you, but very playful on edge…moreso than the CH 17 which is a traker. BTW, 17 most popular in marketplace. 16 Most popular with Neky team. Composite Eliza mass fun playful efficient coastal boat.

Keep trying boats.

composite eliza
i tried the composite eliza. it wasn’t as snug as the 18 and it zigzagged in the wind, but perhaps that’s because i’ve been spoiled by kayaks that just tracked really well so my paddling is not up to snuff.

Not as snug!!
Ugh I am quite familiar with these two craft, and that does not make sense?? The Eliza’s cockpit is lower, shorter, whereas the 18 has a rather large opening for big paddlers. The hip region of the Eliza is wider (by design), which may be the deal. Everyone is different and your points are valid for you. Keep trying diff. boats till one works for you.

More boats
You weight puts you in the “small paddler” class, even though your height doesn’t. If you have narrow hips it makes sense that the “women’s” boats won’t fit you.

other possibilities:

Avocet LV

Aquanaut LV

Impex Force 3

Tempest 165

CD Suka

Capella 161

Point 65 X-Lite

Explorer LV

Kayaksport Viking

Romany LV (NM)