Kayak Relay Race? Who's in?

Wonder if you’d be interested in participating?

There’s a 50-mile kayak trail in the south western bay waters of Long Island, New York and I am thinking of organizing a Team Relay Race. I have already put in a great deal of work to iron out the details.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • Race of 50 miles held over 1 day
  • Divided into 5 legs from 9 to 15 miles each
  • 5 relay points accessible to Team Vehicle
  • 5 Person Teams
  • Open Bay Waterways – not ocean
  • 6am start. 10pm finish back at the starting point
  • Held mid-late September, AFTER Labor Day

What do you think? Would you be able to get a team together?

All replies and comments welcome.

Please let me know…very interested in making this happen!


Heck of a thing for one person to pull together.
Five man teams, you need at least a half dozen teams to make a competition so 30 people racing, probably 20 for safety crews, various other working positions and you are probably 60 people minimum to make it work. Maybe if you were to get with any kayaking groups / clubs in the area you could get more manpower, more people talking about it and trying to get others interested, more racers and more workers.
Another reason to work through clubs or kayak organizations is a lot of us don’t kayak with groups. Plenty of people who couldn’t put together a 5 man team, but the advantage of hooking up with clubs is you already have people who kayak with others.

If it were Long Island in Willapa bay on the West coast, I might be interested!

Hi Jerry,

Do you have an email contact list? Let me know. I’ll pull in a team from www.operationdeepblue.org

  • The time you have allowed that seems rather long as each team member is only doing 10 miles. If it iI would suggest a finish time closer to 7pm rather than 10pm. To finish by 7pm would require 3.85mph average. As a short sprint relay, racers are going to be much faster than that. I’m sure that safety boat captains and first responders would be happier operating in daylight.
  • Are you going to break this out by boat classes? http://www.soundrowers.org/boat-classes/

Post updates when you have them.

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