Kayak Rental in Eagle River, WI area

Does anyone know of places in the Eagle River, Wisconsin area that rent kayaks?

Do a "google"
for kayak rentals eagle river wi. Several hits came up for me

Tried Googling it
Thanks for the suggestion but the Google search give me places for canoe rentals, places that no longer rent kayaks, or places that require you do their kayak tours.

… call the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce. They may be able to help.

Tried that too
The Chamber of Commerce gave me the name of a place that does tours only. You can’t rent a kayak from them to take out on your own for the weekend.

Thanks again.

Hawk’s Nest Outfitters
You might try Hawk’s Nest http://www.hawksnestcanoe.com/index.htm

I know they have kayaks and do shuttles as well as trips. I don’t know if they rent just the kayaks.

Also try
Wind and Water Kayaks, Inc. 2150 Steel LN, Eagle River, WI

I don’t think they have a web site and I don’t have a phone number for them.

Hawk’s Nest
I was there on Saturday for a trip on the Turtle-Flambeau flowage, and they do rent kayaks with or without a shuttle service. They rent mostly Old Town Otters, but they have some touring boats as well - Nantuckets, I think - but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to rent those out. They only like to get those wet on overnight camping trips.

Chequamegon Adventure Co
Chequamegon Adventure Company is in Minocqua - about 25 miles away. Very good paddle shop with lots of choices for rent and sale.

On a side street near the boat landing. Also have a bike shop in town.

Very friendly folks

Call me a happy customer…

Just found our old website mentioned here, so thought I’d update it to https://www.hawksnestoutfitters.com/

Check Walkabout. If they don’t rent, they’ll know who does.

You might want to check in with Rohrs Wilderness Tours. They’re located on mile 11 (if memory serves) of the Wisconsin river. They have a campground that’s closer to Conover WI and about 20 some river miles upstream from the dam at Eagle River. Every year they run a race from their camp down to Eagle River (The Callie Rohr Memorial Race) and, as I recall, they had racks of rental canoes and kayaks. They’re good folks. Give em’ a call. Bet they can help you.