kayak rental in mexican resort cities

sorry to post this here, but…

I’m considering going to one of the following resort cities in Mexico and am having difficulty finding info on “sea kayak rentals”. I have experience and would like to rent a yak to take out on my own rather than as a tour. Looking for real kayaks, not rec boats. Is anyone familiar with or have any positive experience with vendors in any of the below cities? If you do what kind of boats are available for rent?


Cancun - Riviera Maya



Los Cabos


Puerto Vallarta


go north of Los Cabos
If you are willing to get away from the resort, an option would be to go north of Los Cabos. The area between La Paz and Loreto (on Sea of Cortez) has a lot of kayak rentals and tours. This is a few hours by bus from Los Cabos. Google “sea kayak sea of cortez” (or similar) and you will find lots of stuff.

I know this from research, not trips (yet). I am heading down in late March for a trip.

Won’t find real kayaks at the resorts - will have to find outfitters and I’m not sure you’ll have much luck on the island of Cozumel. Fantastic reef, so snorkeling and scuba diving rule down there.

take your own paddle
Ant boat on the ocean can be fun as long as you have a good paddle-3piece?

Outfitters …
can also recommend a safe paddle route.

I’m no expert at sea kayaking, but some of the currents around Coz certainly need to be considered when diving. I’m glad to heed the warnings of locals who know the waters.

To go off on one’s own could be risky. You may not need a guide, but you may need their advice.