Kayak Rental in Ocean City, NJ

I will be out in O.C., NJ this weekend and am looking to rent a touring/sea kayak. Ideally I’d like to rent a surfski but am not able to find anyone that carries them for rentals. My goal is to just get in some training while I’m down there with family.

Does anyone know of a shop that rents racing/high performance kayaks?

Does anyone in that area have an interest in kayaking together for training and have an extra boat that I could pay for like a rental?

Thanks for the help.


Paddle Shack
Paddle Shack might be your best bet. They are not in OCNJ but in Mays Landing which is very close by. You probably should contact them in advanced to see what they offer. They may not have what your are looking for performance wise but might be one of the few places to rent a sea kayak and not a SOT.


In OCNJ there is Bay Cats on the bay side of the island. Good place to rent but as far as I know they are all SOT Hobies and Ocean Kayaks.