Kayak rental in S. California

Anyone have a recommendation for a place to rent a kayak in southern California? Looking for a place:

-Within a two hour drive of John Wayne airport

-Easy access to the water (would prefer not to car top on the rental car)

-Decent selection of boats

I’ve rented from the Southwind Kayaks rental center in Newport Beach a couple of times and it’s great for being close to the airport I’d just like some different scenery this trip if possible.

Aqua Adventures in San Diego
and possibly tsunamichuck’s guiding service.

Aqua-adventures is definitely the best place to rent boats, and you can paddle on Mission bay, huge area to explore, but it’s pretty urban.

Aqua-Adventure’s Store is on Mission bay, you can paddle out of the bay and down the coast for some scenery. You also rent SOTs at Avendida de lay Playa and paddle in the sea caves, surf a bit, see the leopard sharks, and paddle down the cliffs a bit. Much better scenery. Aqua-Adventures has a rental outlet there too, but I think they just do group trips to the sea caves there.

Yes to Aqua Adventures
Good selection of kayaks, right on the water (Mission Bay). If you time your outing correctly, you get to watch the Sea World penguins braying for their food–from the water side–as their caretaker comes out.