Kayak Rental Insurance

I am starting a kayak rental business that will run only five months out of the year. In order for me to obtain business permit I need liability insurance. Does anyone have any idea where I would get this type of insurance. This business will be operated in Alaska. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Maria.

Look up taps and get in touch
…google TAPS and paddle sports.

It’s a rough go insurance is very expensive. A freind of mine quit being a professinoal instructor becasue he said he was working for hte insurance company.

My best idea, others may have better.

Why so expensive?

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Is there any practical reason why the insurance is so expensive? Do that many people get injured and sue? Can no lawyer manage to draft up a waiver that successfully says "You are responsible for your own actions"?

At the risk of going off topic, one of my huge pet peeves is the way that this country's judicial system seems so willing to cater to people who attempt to get rich due to their own incompetence and stupidity.

Go to an outfitter and ask where they get their insurance.

An overwhelming number of lawsuits are between corporations. Republicans are lying when they say that individual lawsuits are a big problem.

that was an ignorant comment…

Try calling up an attorney and getting a quote for what it would cost to draft a release or waiver. I’m a rock climbing instuctor so I am familiar with these.

Then if you have a release signed insurance should be a bit less if they know they are less liable.

Progressive Insurance
is one that an outfitter I know uses.

We had considered renting kayaks here in Washington state but soon gave up that idea when we saw the rates. I was told by the insurance broker that the reason it is so high here is because they lump kayaks in with personal watercraft, i.e. jet skis.

Good Luck

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Post 9-11 Insurance is the bigest cost in being an outfitter. Most places used to have insurance through the PPA (professional paddlesports association), but two years ago with no warning all of these policies were dropped due to lack of profit margin for the insururer. Since then it has been a mad scramble to find ANY let alone INNEXPENSIVE insurance.

The company I guide for has 20 years experience with a spotless safety record and 0 claims, but we still have seen an almost 50% rise in our insurance over the last two years.

Liability waivers are important, but they are far from full proof. We have been tweeking ours for many years and regularly have it check out by a lawyer. A client who has signed a waiver can still sue. The biggest protection the waiver offers the outfitter is that the lawsuit will have to be filed in the home state.

I have worked in the paddlesport business for 15 years. I used to want to open up my own place, but not anymore. Its a great "lifestyle" business but an extremely hard way to make a living.

Q: Do you know how to make a small fortune in the paddlesport business?

A: Start with a large one.

What about manufacturers?
I’d think that if outfitters are saddled with massive insurance costs, the same must be true for equipment manufacturers. And if that’s so, I wonder how much of the cost of a boat goes to paying these insurance fees…

Harbor Worker Act
A friend of mine in the kayak rental and tour business is being told she has to get harbor workers insurance, just like any cargo handler, boat yard, marin econstruction, dive co etc

This stuff isn’t cheap