Kayak rental near Encinitas, CA?

I’ll be at Encinitas (near San Diego) early December for a week, and would like to do some yakking on calm ocean water with my 8-yo son. He’s been paddling piccolo on lakes mostly, and haven’t been out in the ocean. I’m thinking it’d be a good chance to introduce him to (calm) ocean waters.

I found a few places that have guided tours, but they all use SOTs, which my son doesn’t get thrilled about (same with tandem, he got hooked on paddling his own boat). Do you know of any rental place? Thank you in advance.

Aqua Adventures in San Diego

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Where are you planning on paddling?
December is one month when you are likely not to find calm ocean around Encinitas area. This means for calm waters paddling in the Lajolla Cove area or Mission bay. The rental places in Lajolla do rent tandem sit on tops - paddling on the ocean and sea caves would be much more exciting than slogging around a lake on an SOT. I think your son would have a blast with the Aqua-adventure trip where they explore the caves area and let you try surfing. I can also suggest you contact Carlsbad Paddle Sports and check into renting a SOT for surfing while you are in Encinitas. I’m not sure if Dan allows 8 year olds in his class but he might.

If you want to rent a sink Aqua-Adventures on Mission bay is your best choice. If you are planning on going out on the coast though they will probably want to know that your son can wet exit and recover.