Kayak Rentals in Honolulu/Waikiki


I am quite possibly going to Honolulu for work in a few weeks and will have a day or two to blow. I would really like to spend that time in a kayak. Are there any good rental outfitters in/around Waikiki? What about other parts of Oahu? I would be willing to drive… but flying to one of the other islands is probably out of the question.

Thanks in advance!


Kailua Beach
Over in Kailua on the windward side of Oahu you can rent a kayak from Kailua Surfboard and Kayak. They are right next to the public beach park there. You can bring water/lunch and paddle down to Lanikai Beach and/or out to Flat Island or the Mok’s. Sea turtles, beautiful scenery, and you’re away from the Waikiki madness. Just drive over the Pali and straight into Kailua and keep going until you hit the ocean. You should probably stop in town or at the deli near the beach for any food you’d want to bring on a daytrip.

Have fun!

Go Bananas
On Kapahulu Avenue, a mile or two from the beach. http://www.gobananaskayaks.com/ You’ll need a car to get the boat to the water, but I’m pretty sure they’ll supply pads and straps and help you load. Be very aware of the wind on the South Shore. It’s a very nice place to paddle, but when the trades are blowing it’s a different world when you come out of the lee.

Da Mokes!

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Another vote for Kailua and the Mokes. I'm in the the Boston area but we visit family there routinely. Some notes:

1) You really do have to watch the wind and especially the wave action between the two islands. If you are ready to do some kayak surfing, though, that's the place. Also, lots of fun to watch the action when those candy-colored SOTs broach and flip out there. Take care and wear a PFD at all times...its no place to be reckless.

2)Landing on Big Moke's small beach can be a tricky maneuver, because of the confused water and a giant wave that shoots straight upward where the bay waves meet the big ones coming in off the open Pacific. I've been dumped at least 50% of the time.

3) We like to launch from Lanikai beach rather than the state park ramp. The beach is truly spectacular for those who just want to hang out while the kayakers take on the Mokes. I think you can park near any of the public access paths on the circular one-way road around the Lanikai neighborhood.

4)Don't neglect a stop for shave ice at Island Snow on the way into Kailua town. (Get the three-flavor cone with ice cream at the bottom...! )

5) If you've got the time after dropping off the kayaks, hike up the ridge behind Lanikai to the old WWII pillboxes. Great place at twilight to watch the windward side comunities twinkle to night-life...and especially to watch the moon rise.

Have a great trip.

Listen to Longborg
he lives there.

Da Mokes