Kayak rentals in Maine?

A couple I work with are headed up to Maine, the Camden/Rockport area. They’ve never kayaked and would like to know if there’s a place they can rent kayaks and go out for a day or part of a day on the water. Is there an outfitter up there who will make sure they stay safe but put them on the water? Is that safe by any definition? Obviously a guided trip would be better but they’re not “joiners.”

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In the camden/rockport area
Mainesport is the only compny that I can think of with rentals - plastic boats - not sure of which model but they have a fair inventory of boats (by maine standards) … http://www.mainesport.com. They are actually in Rockport - town inbetween camden and rockport.

Outfitters in that area

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There's an outfitter from Port Clyde - I think they have to go out with you which is a good thing. Living Waters Kayak or something very similar - they have a site right on the docks in town. They are probably easily located via the web or yellow pages, given that downtown Port Clyde is all of two docks and three buildings (and no parking - if they call make sure they ask about where to park). We've seen them take people out and get them home again OK. Their boats aren't anything I'd write home about, but the Port Clyde area makes a nice paddle.

Maine Sport used to do paddles in a few locals including a half day paddle around Friendship Long Island, but I think they've been working further east in Penobscot Bay more recently. If they are still doing the Friendship paddle it'd be worth the trip - Muscongous Bay is a lot of real Maine views with lotso islands and fish pounds, etc.

There is a guy right in Friendship, contact the B&B "The Outsider Inn", who does tours in Muscongous Bay. Lotta Tsunamis and some Tempests.

There is one other outfitter out of Belfast, who was putting a group out in the Muscle Ridge Channel when we did that trip a couple of weeks ago. They seemed to be prudent sorts who gave their customers a nice lot of views and sheparded them OK - they've been working in Maine from various ends of Penobscot Bay for a long time. We talked to the guy afterwards, unfortunately I don't recall the company name. But look for kayak tours by a company based out of Belfast. Maybe his first name was Ray?

In all cases, I'd advise calling ahead. The weather can be kinda flaky up there - it is Maine - so they may want to be hooked up ahead of time and be ready to go when a good day arrives.

Also, make sure whoever leads the trip is a registered Maine Guide. Summer is the time that fly-by-nighters show up in that area, and it isn't fully fair to the guys who make their income playing by the rules to get summer customers poached.

Maine Sport in Rockport is top notch. The Belfast guide is Ray Wirth, company is Water Walker. First class outfit. Most of the long-time outfitters will only rent to someone with an extensive paddling resume. Seaspray Kayaking also rents but their nearest location is probably 30-40 minutes south of Rockland. contact info for all at www.maineseakayakguides.com

That’s them

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Ray of Water Walkers - that was the bunch launching into the Muscle Ridge chain.

No one I mention will let people without some kind of paperwork or provable background go out unattended, in fact I suspect that only the larger ourfits would even consider it regardless of background. But that's no big deal really - if you are new to an area one of the better ways to get a lot of info about it quickly is a guided tour.

here is a complete list of kayak
rental places in Maine


Thanks everyone
The information has been passed on; they’re leaving tomorrow.