Kayak Rentals in Paris?

I have an upcoming business trip and will end up with a weekend in Paris. Does anyone know if there is any place to rent a kayak? Seems to me the river might be a nice way to see the sights.

I know they say it’s a lot cleaner then it used to be, but I still don’t know if I’d want to be down in it…

No ideas but a resource
On http://www.foldingkayaks.org forum a gentleman handled chrstjrn

will be able to help you out with put ins and rental shops. Although I have never been to France, I have paddled enough in foreign locales to know paddling will give you a totally different perspective of a city. Go for it and have fun.

Kayaking in Paris
The amazing feature is that there are several paved ramps down to river that would make put ins/takeouts exceptionally easy. But I agree that Paris is not as picturesque from the water as one would expect, especially the main length in heart of the city. I was there recently and found little evidence of kayaking, but perhaps further out of town it may be more prevalent. Also, it does get heavy commercial traffic.

I picture alot of those new BIC yaks
aren’t they the same folks that make bic pens, bic windsurfers and other unusally designed and constructed toys.



if you have time, take the train out to the normandy beaches and see if you can rent a kayak there. quite a beautiful area. there is so much to do in paris that you can’t do elsewhere- i would echo other’s sentiments and say pass on the paddling there.

“old buildings and high prices”??? it’s hard to know how to begin…


One more suggestion
See “Team America” before you go. It is on video now.

Opening scenes
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