Kayak Rentals - Lake Norman NC

My wife and I are interested in trying out kayaking. We are in the Charlotte area and will actually be around Lake Norman for a couple of weeks with the inlaws this August. Thought that might be a good time to try to find a place to rent a kayak for a short while to see if we like it. I did see a post for Latta Plantation which looks interesting and we’ve been to the US White Water Center and rafted (ran out of time before we could kayak, darn it!). I’ve been seeing some great opportunities on the various rivers around but was just curious about Norman since we’ll be there. If we like it, I’m sure I’ll be checking this site for ideas on kayaks to buy – or at least avoid. Thanks in advance.

You can google for rentals, but
I suggest going to a kayak guide and instructional place and putting yourself in their hands for a day. You are much more likely to get properly set up in boats, to get important tips, and to be shown some nice river or estuarine scenery. They may be able to help you get clear on whether you want to try rec kayaks or touring/sea kayaks.

Kayak Rentals - Lake Norman NC

You can check out www.ncflatwateroutfitters.com They are located in Belmont (about 40 minutes south of Lake Norman.) You can rent a boat daily and take it anywhere you like. If you are new to kayaking please stay close to shore if you are going into Lake Norman. There are lots of powerboats creating a lot of wake. Mountain Island Lake is much better for kayaking. If you are new to the sport I would try a rec boat such as an Old Town or Necky Manitou.

Sounds good
Appreciate your advice. Makes sense, especially if we want to be sure not to get turned off.

Makes sense. Appreciate the advice.