Kayak rentals/paddling in Dallas?

I will be traveling to Dallas in January. Is there a lake/river with kayak rentals available in Dallas?

Would appreciate any ideas/suggestions…many thanks…


two places I know of:
where you can rent yaks and canoes at. One is REI and the other is High Trials Kayak/Canoe. The sites are below.



Places to paddle:

Lake Grapevine – short distance northwest of Dallas

Lake Lewisville – north of Dallas

Trinity River (especially downtown Fort Worth)

White Rock Lake - Dallas

Lake Ray Hubbard – Dallas

Joe Pool Lake – southwest of Dallas, midway between Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW)

Lakes Grapevine, Lewisville and Joe Pool will be seen while flying in, depending on flight path.

Two Suggestions…
If you happen to be here on the second Saturday I can give you two options:

Option #1:

Charles Allen makes his living as a full time guide on the Trinity River and has an organized trip each second Saturday on a different stretch of the river. While on the outing, Charles is a walking/talking encyclopedia pointing out flora, fauna and history. The cost is around $35.00 which includes canoe, PDF, paddle, shuttles, etc. You only need to bring water and food. His website is “www.canoedallas.com” but don’t waste your time trying to contact him by email. However, he will respond quickly to a phone call. His number is listed on the site.

Option #2:

Come out and join us for our For The Love Of The Lake Second Saturday Spruce Up at White Rock Lake. Mariner Sails and Watersports “www.mariner-sails.com” is a shoreline adoptee and brings out a trailer load of their demo Wildy and Hobie yaks out free of charge to those wiling to help for about two hours with the clean up. Afterwards, we usually get out on the lake or paddle up White Rock Creek for a pleasure paddle of an hour or so. For more details our website is “www.whiterocklake.org”.


Another suggestion
You might want to contact some of the local paddlers and see if someone can meet you with an extra boat for an excursion. It’s been known to happen before.

Try DFWpaddlers. This is not a club but a Yahoo! web site group that meets for casual paddles:


or Dallas Downriver Club, which is an actual club:


Good luck!

Happy to go with you
I’d be happy to go with you on on a trip on the Trinity or White Rock if you like. I can lend you a boat, but I only have canoes. No kayaks yet.

You can use a double bladed paddle, my wife does in her solo.

But I will look at you funny if you do.

I’ve been to Dallas several times in the last few months on business, and have noticed those lakes from the plane. Each time I wonder how they would be for paddling. :slight_smile:

If you try it, let us know how it goes!


If you need a paddling partner
I’ll be glad to go with you at white Rock Lake as well.

You are all incredibly hospitable…many thanks for the offers and suggestions!

I wasn’t too specific initially. I am looking (preferably) for a kayak shop that rents kayaks for a bunch of folks. We have a conference at the Adams Mark Hotel in Dallas, Jan 19-23rd. At a prior conference in San Diego it was easy to find a great shop right on the bay. In Seattle, there were shops on Lake Union. So, I hope to find a similar shop that again is hopefully on a body of water that is not too far from the Hotel.

Last time about 20 folks went along with me. Don’t know about this time. So, perhaps I may take one of you up on a fun paddle. Again…MANY thanks for your hospitality and invites!


Heres one…
I an not making a commitment for him but get in contact with Mike Swope at www.kayakpower.com. He is a local ACA officer and cerfified instructor and I believe that he sometimes rents out his yaks. He would also have a trailer to haul enough kayaks for your group.

White Rock Lake would be your most enjoyable place to paddle. As the bird flies, the lake is about five miles East of your hotel. The lake is about 1,200 acres in size, it has a 10.5hp limit on motors and is a heaven for yaks, canoes, and sailboats. You can see photos and get more infor at www.whiterocklake.org.

Your other option would be to contact REI on LBJ Freeway. You can get their contact info on their web site.

Be prepared for any kind of waether. It could be freezing or mild. For example: today will be in the upper 80’s and last week we were enjoyiong our heavier paddling gear.

live and paddle in dallas.

I don’t know of any rentals near the shore of any of our lakes or rivers, might be one I just don’t know of it.

That said, I think any of the previously mentioned outfitters could show up wherever you wanted with a trailer full of boats and gear.

Also try www.cutteraquatics.com another local instructor/trip organizer.