Kayak repair Charlotte NC area?

Does anyone know of a good place to have my kevlar kayak repaired in the Charlotte NC area? Thanks!

a start…



What type of yak? Skin coat or gel coat? Many kevlar ailments and be repaired with glass. I just repaired my Wenonah K140 solo canoe with 8 oz glass on top of the kevlar. Please elaborate on the damage so I can be more specific, or recommend some one.

I am just north of Charlotte and have repaired several kevlar canoes. (Some better then others) All have still been able to race and turn in good times, so I am not too bad on little stuff.

Try Great Outdoor Provision Company. I know they used to do repairs.

yes, Great Outdoor Provision Co.
Go ask at the Charlotte GOPC shop if they can do repairs there. GOPC does have a great repair guy, Chris, at the Raleigh - Cameron Village shop. I have a kevlar Impex Mystic, which I cracked clear through after dropping it from the top of a car in 2008. Chris did a fine repair – patch inside and gelcoat outside – at an extremely reasonable charge. The boat is fine and I’m still paddling it.

G in NC