Kayak Repair & Suggestions

I’m a kayaking newbie, and I have two questions.

  1. I bought a Necky Dolphin last year, but it seems that I’m too big for it (6’-2" & 280#). Of course, I should have done more research, but it’s too late now. I’m not happy as I end up in the water a lot. So, any suggestions for a big fella?

  2. It seems that I left the kayak tied to the wheel transport, and it dented the bottom of the boat. Is there any way to repair a plastic boat?

    Thanks for not making too much fun of me.


As for the dent…
Turn it upside down in the sun and it might pop out on it’s own. That’s a first step. Others here will have other things to try.

Is the Dolphin a SOT?
I seem to remember it as one. Does it have a hatch cover? if so you can try puting an inertube in through the opening and then airing it up some and leave the boat upside down in the sun as suggested above.

boiling water and a brick

the seat on it is high from the water
in the SOT category there are other boats for big folks. You may be big but the high seat really cuts into the size of paddler it can carry comfortably as it becomes tippy before it’s overloaded. I think the challenge is finding an efficent hull as most big sitons have shapes that are more suited to keeping their shape than slipping through the water. Checkout the Tarpon 140.

At 280#, the Tarpon 140 will
be low in the water alright. It’ll probably be like a bathtub. I’m 225 and I had 2 to 3 inches in my footwells. And the thing really tracks too hard for my liking. I much prefer the Manta Ray 14.

The other SOTs to have a look at are the Prowler 15, the Scupper Pro (RTM Tempo) and the Tarpon 160i. Some of it depends on what you’re really looking for… speed? stability? dry ride? fishing? etc.


good point
yeah,one of those Native boats is big

Necky SOT
Yes, it’s a SOT, and very unstable for somebody my size. My wife has one and she loves it. It was recommended by the dealer, but he never mentioned that it might be too small for me.

Thanks for the repair tips, I’ll be giving them a try.

Kayak Repair & Suggestions
No fishing. Ideally, I’d like it to be reasonably stable and reasonably fast. I’ll be exploring Long Island bays and such. I’m probably not ready for the ocean just yet.

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