kayak repair

I have a Wilderness Pamlico 100 rotomolded polyethelyne kayak. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to repair the nicks and scratches?

Not much you can do, You’ll get the
nicks and scratches, so just wear them as battle scars. You can scrape hanging pieces of plastic with a razor blade and I guess heat the plastic enough to smooth out the nicks, but those things don’t seem to affect the performance of the boat so I just leave them be.

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You might try the wildwasser plastic repair sticks. I have not used them so I can’t tell you anything about them. If I get a really big nick in my boat I use JB Weld all you haft to do is mix it up and spread it on let it set and sand it smooth.

Good luck I hope this post helps.

Repair sticks
You can contact your local Wilderness Systems dealer and he can order the plastic sticks to match your kayaks color. Just heat them, let drop on the spot to be repaired and smooth with a flat blade. Lightly sand to smooth out the surface.

If the scratches aren’t deep, just trim them off and keep paddling.

Nicks and scratches
add character to your boat. Unless they are all the way through and leaking, let them be and wear them proudly :slight_smile:

Spend all the time and cash you want
and next year you’ll have more.

(especially if its a Watermark creation)

Some wet sand or drywall screen will smooth out the rough stuff and a razor will shave off any ridges and 303 will make the hull look nice…from a distance, but; all said and done (and this IS experience talking here)learn to live with it.

Who’s got time to worry about minor
scatches and dings? There are miles to be paddled and fish to be caught.

unlees it’s serious
just go paddle , it’s like a surfboard , you worry until you finally ding it, then you start having fun.

Always remember this
about rotomolded boats “If you don’t want it scratched . . . Don’t take it out of the box”

I’ve posted this before.
Heat the round smooth end of a 1/2" drill bit with a torch, holding the bit with a pair of vice grips. With a circular motion smooth the surface wherever there are scratches. I don’t consider this a “repair” and don’t think it is at all necessary. But if you really want to remove nicks, dings, and scratches it will work.