kayak repair

I have several kayaks that the bottoms are getting roughed up from the rocks. What is the best way to make them smooth again?

To smooth them
My first answer was to run them over a finer grade of rocks. Too close to Friday.

Seriously though, what material are they made of - plastic, finerglass, duralite…?

kayak repair
I have poly.(oldtown)and plastic.

Paddle the Little Pee Dee and scoot
over 30 sandbars. They will be clean then.

Since plastic…
Don’t worry about it unless there is a gouge so deep that it is letting in water. If one looks close to that, there are plastic repair sticks that create a gooey mess on heating that can be used to fill in. Best to check with the manufacturer or dealer as to exactly what and where to get them.

You can sand the hull, been done, but of course by the time you have smoothed it down you have esentially removed an amount of plastic from the entire hull and made it thinner. It’s hard to argue that aesthetic concerns justify doing that.

The scratches are normal wear and tear, and particularly in plastic boats are usually just lived with.

kayak repair
Thank you.