Kayak repair

Okay, i a hole and ran an 8" crack in my Hurricane Phoenix 120 (don’t ask)! Anyway, it’s in a place that i don’t have interior access which would be my preferable method of repair. I was looking for a spot to add a small screw-in hatch to gain access but i don’t have any flat areas. My question is, is there a way to install a hatch on an area that has a slight radius?


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You can build a wooden base that would conform to the deck radius on the bottom and be level on the top.

Or you can just supper glue the crack.

Is that a thermo formed plastic kayak like Eddyline? If so use Devcon Plastic Welder epoxy glue. Warming about glue, its the most toxic smelling epoxy I have ever used. No idea about making a hatch but I thought I would point out about the type of glue needed. Always check with Hurricane first though. Good luck.

need to build a flat spot first, then add the hatch

I think
You should consult with the factory about how to make the repair.

G-Flex less toxic than Devcon
G-Flex is a two-part epoxy glue that works as well as Devcon on thermoplastic and is much less toxic. It also has a longer working time. Surface prep is the key to successful thermoplastic repair; read the instructions carefully.

You can also thicken G-Flex with silica powder or other products, and I’ve successfully colored it with gelcoat pigment to match the surface being repaired.

West offers a pre-thickened version
of G-flex, though I’ve always thickened my own. I’d probably mix microfibers and colloidal silica to get the right mix, something that wouldn’t creep out of the joint before hardening.