The winter from hell took a toll on my kayak. I had it on two stands and the middle buckled with the weigh of the snow. My question is can I heat it and pop it back into place and what should I use to heat it with? Luckily it’s not cracked so I thought there may be a way to get it back into shape. Thanks

It’ll never be as strong as it was
and a boat that buckles in the middle could be a death trap, if you don’t trust it for yourself take it to a recycler.

That said if you want to try heat lamps or sun heated asphalt should work, you could put weights inside to help flatten out rough spots.

Good Luck


Hot towels
one way is to lay wet towels on the affected area and pour boiling hot water over the towels repeatedly. Think about storing your kayaks on edge next time.

Is it poly?
I picked up a poly kayak that had a very large indentation on the bottom from being stored flat on uneven ground.

I used pieces of 2x4, a long one sideways under the cockpit coaming, a shorter piece sideways in the bottom of the boat with an upright piece between them.

Set it on it’s side in full sun for a couple days then was able to use a longer upright and repeat. It took awhile but you can’t tell it was ever dented now.