kayak repairs advice needed

I have a Georgian bay clearwater design kayak. I’m not sure how old it is. I bought it a year ago from someone who had had it a few years and bought it used. When I bought it knew it was slightly warped, but with the use of the rudder that didn’t affect my ability to go straight. The rudder has recently started to leak and my back hatch is filling with water so I have to pump it out every 3 hours or so.

I’m wondering if there is a way to fix the warp? As I’ve paddled more I don’t use the rudder as much and am tired of my kayak going to the left every time I stop paddling. Also, is there a way to fix the leak? I’ve taken out the rudder and seen that the plastic tube like section the rudder goes through is cracked. The hatch openings are fairly small and far from the problem so I don’t think I could reach that area from the inside.

patch the leak

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If you could find where the water comes in, you could always seal that leak with Lexel or 3M Marine 5200 or the like.