Kayak review info needed

Hello everyone. I am a larger paddler and I am looking at buying the boreal design BAFFIN P3. Has anyone paddled on of these. Also if you have any suggestions of kayaks for larger paddlers please let me know. Thanks in advance

Specs? Typical terrain?
Larger paddler? Height, waist, inseam & shoe size?

Where is your home waters likely to be? What sort of performance do you want from your kayak?

That’ll at least provide for some guided guesses.

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If you go to “reviews” on this site,then kayak reviews and scroll down to 16’ + you’ll find three reviews on the P2 and then some on other models. Maybe this could help steer your inquiries even further. Best wishes.

I tried one

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Marshall is correct; for the best answer we will need you height and weight, waist and shoe size. And your skill level. I'm 6'2", 220 lbs, 36" waist and shoe size 10. Upper intermediate skill level. My usual boat is a P&H Scorpio (the full sized one).

I used a Boreal Designs Baffin C3 in a course last spring for 5 days. This is the same boat as the P3 but in fiberglass. I fit into it with no difficulties. Seemed appropriate for my height and weight, not overloaded.

It was stable, tracked well in a straight line without wandering off course, and held my oodles of gear with ease. Hatches were dry with rolling. Rolls without any extra difficulties.

But I very much like a maneuverable boat when I put it on edge and the C3 really wasn't great at that. In my early years of paddling, this wouldn't bother me, but as my skills advance I want tighter turns. This really bothered me by the end of the course, especially when learning boat turning exercises.

Good luck finding a boat. Making the effort to find one that fits is definitely worth it. This is like getting fitted for a pair of pants; a bad fit just doesn't work.