Kayak rivets question

Im wanting to put on some anchor points and other attachments on my kayak. I would like to use bolts, but its a sit on top and I don’t have access to the back side of the plastic.

How strong are the kayak rivets and are they suitable for holding load bearing attachment points?


probably not strong enough
I have never tried, but wouldn’t want to trust them, especially for something like a anchor kit.

The one time I installed bolts in a sit on top (added rear toggle to a Cobra Strike surf kayak), I did it by adding a hatch kit close to it. This allowed me to access the underside and use bolts for the toggle. Secondary benefit is I now had storage inside the boat.

Here is a link to hatch kits fro Sealect Designs:



There is conversation about rivetnuts applicability to standard reality, myself included.

Use well nuts

I would make sure that the tapped inserts in the well nuts and the machine screws you use in them are stainless.

a tree full

see a complete kit similar to a poly hull d-ring patch with the anchor assembly ? with winch as this goes…

what Peter-CA said and use backing plate

backing plate

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right ! pop rivet a sheet over adhesive onto the hull with rivet equipped rivet washers. Plastic rivetnuts drilled with plastic drill thru sheet and hull.

OK but where do we find a compatible sheet with compatible adhesive ?

Fishing hulls are thick ? so the sheet is overkill ? I dunno depends right ? yup.

MacMaster Carr may have sheets. usually in past searching sheet materials are inexpensive per sq ft in bulk, of cour$e but expensive in cut to order sizes.

You're in tech land not hobbyville which may be where you would search. Arts n crafts, airplane RC, that kinda area.

I assume searching for engineering data on pop or rivenuts in poly s available online so after a n hour the holding power of what your plan is should surface in data.

There are calculators for steel and aluminum so surely plastics.

Should be ok.
I used tri-grip rivets to mount a rod holder and some pad eyes to my boat. They’ve worked just fine.

I used pop rivets to add thigh strap
attachments to my Tarpon. The hull at that point is very thick and they are soundly attached.