kayak rod holders

I currently have an Elie Strait 140 kayak that I would like to outfit for kayak fishing. I was wondering what would be the best type of rod holders to install? Deck mounted or above deck like the Scotty Powerlock?



I fish from a SOT when I fish from a yak
(prefer fishing from a canoe but not possible in Gulf of Mexico), and for that I use PVC pipe strapped to a milk crate in the dive well behind me, so I don’t have any experience with fishing from a SINK, but I would think that an above-deck holder would get in your way a lot.

If I were to do it again…
I installed a flush mount holder in my boat. Now I wish I had done one of the Scotty-style above deck mounts. I might add one, anyway.


Stealth Rod Holders
Here is a new one I have seen discussed in several other forums:


I’m just using 1" pvc

Kayak rod holders
New to kayaking and fly fishing. My Old Town has a flush mounted rod holder, but it does not hold fly rods well. Is anybody aware of an insert that would convert this into a fly rod holder?