Kayak roller loaders

I have a 2005 Tucson using yakima hully rollers along with mako saddles. I am only 5.6 and my problem is loading from the rear and scratching the finish above tail gate lift door. I am looking at the Oak Orchard Canoe roller. Has anyone used this? Should I get the Velcro model or the Magnet style? Or is there a better option. I load either QCC 400 or a Necky Zoar Sport. Thanks for your help in this matter.


bathroom mat
throw a bathroom mat over the tailgate (rubbery side down). The carpet side lets the kayak glide easily and the rubbery side keeps the mat in place. Just make sure you don’t have a bunch of grit on the rubbery side.

kayak rollers
I use a bathroom mat too. Best idea is to find one that doesn’t match the car’s color or you’ll forget it all the time. They look at you funny in the store when you come in to buy the 6th. bath mat :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Oak Orchard Roller
I have one and I like it. It is easy to load my sea kayak by myself and I have had many people ask me where I got it after seeing me load my boat. I got the magnet base just because I thought it would have more versatility. It only costs a few bucks extra. On the down side. I have dropped my boat a couple of times after it slid off the roller. I did not have the boat squared-up and the van was not parked level. It didn’t hurt my rototub, but might have damaged a fiberglass boat. I am more careful now and have learned how to do it, so it is not issue for me now. I also have some scratches, but I am not all that particular and I may be more to blame than the the roller itself.

Clear film by 3M
I use a clear film made by 3m on my jeep. You don’t even see it. Here is link.


Easy on easy off and nothing else to carry.