Kayak Rolling Videos (C to C roll)?????


I know that there are lots of rolling videos out there. I currently own EJ’s rolling video and Ken Whitings…both are great but I have found that I like the C to C roll and I am looking for a video that will help me to refine my technique. Both of these other videos focus on the sweep roll.

Can anyone recommend a good video on the C to C roll???

I had seen a post here a while back that mentioned one, but I cannot find the post in the archives…so I know a good video on this roll exists out there somewhere.



Grace Under Pressure
a little hokey but they break down the C2C roll well and lead to hand rolling. It’s targeted towards white water boaters but the technique is the same regardless.



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EJ's video is a modified C to C. I know in some of the rolls that he does he includes sweep and sculling rolls but his step by step directions are for a C to C with a layback thrown in. "The Kayak Roll" method is more of a sweep roll. Although I personally prefer the sweep, I think EJ does an excellent job with the C to C and you may want to give that video another chance.

Was good in its time, but …
needs updating. Among other things, it always shows paddlers tipping over in the setup position. That is a very bad practice. It teaches you to roll when you should be bracing (one of EJ’s points). Modern WW boats are different in shape and design than the boats in the video and require different tecniques to be able to roll them consistently. I strongly recommend EJ’s methods if you want to do a C-to-C like roll.

C-to-C roll
The inventer of the C-to-C roll, Ken Kastorff, has a website where he and his staff discuss various issues related to rolling. The URL is:


Pay particular attention the the addendum to Kastorff’s article on the bombproof roll. There is where he talks about rolling modern boats.


I have the “Grace” video, but my 2 cents is to ignore the “arch” bit if you are just learning. This is such a subtle thing (Not a static move) that trying to “hit” an arch can confuse you, make you stay in that position too long and throw off your final hip-snap & roll). Understand the body position, but think “set-up/sweep/hip-snap” realizing that you want to “arch” your body, but not making that a step in itself.

Good Luck!

Not a Video But …
You may find this photo and commentary sequence on Karen Knight’s website helpful.