kayak roof mounts

I’m looking to buy a set of the holders that clamp the the roof rails to hold my kayak. Going to need a set that will go on and off easily… Which brand would you recomond or are they all pretty much the same.



I have used three different ones on both a Jeep and Rav 4 and settled on the Thule J Stackers- #815 $99 at Dick’s. Not the top of the line but they have worked fine. It believe it depends on your kayak, the type of transportation and where/how you’re traveling. For a long highway trip to the coast I do use extra tie downs. On this forum I shouldn’t admit this, but to a quick shot to the nearby river or lakes, I sometimes get lazy and skip the last step. I hope I don’t have to admit a mistake here someday! I transport a Necky 14 and Carolina 12. I have noticed a tendency to over tighten the yacks which isn’t good for the hulls and it has worn the foam support which at some point will have to be replaced on one of them. I’ve found them to be easier to load by myself when the Js are placed at the end of the crossbars.

anyone else…



Rail grabbers, and two crossbars. Have this on my RAV4 with Hully rollers and saddles up front. Cam carry two boats easily.

j cradles
try malone j cradles–like them better than yakima or thule.

I have the folding J cradles this way when there not in use they fold flat. Much less wind resistence. thule 835 pro

Thanks for the info guys…

I like Malone’s cradles the best. They conform to the shape of the boat better, they’re cheaper, and they have those cool loading ramps: a push & a slide & the boat’s up, rather than having to lift it over the bottom end of the cradle.

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