Kayak roof rack for 2005 F150 Supercab

I need to buy a roof rack for my F150 to haul a OK Prowler 13 and a WS Tarpon 120. The reason I want the rack on the roof is because I will also be pulling a camper for our trips. I have to have enough clearance between the kayaks and the camper without worrying about turning. Does anyone have any suggestions about the best rack for a F150 and hauling my SOTs? I would greatly appreciate any advice or input from anyone hauling yaks on a full size truck.

Go to your local outfitter
They will install them and sell you everything you need. Do you have a topper or do you need a bed rail system? Anyway you look at it on the roof is a while up there.

I don’t really want a bed rail system.
I would rather mount a rack on the top of the truck.

I can’t figure out …
what your problem is?

I have a F-150 with a supercab, and I pull a travel trailer.

I have a cap on the back of the truck and my racks are on that, (not even on the truck roof), and I don’t have any problem.

I do have the boats way forward in J cradles so the overhang doesn’t hit the trailer, (especially on turns) but I have no problem at all.

Explain more, and maybe I can help you out



Are you running a 5th wheel setup???
If you are, I can see the problem.

F150 SuperCrew, Leer cap & Yakima
So I have hauled my kayaks on my F150 SuperCrew but I have a Leer cap on the back. If you want to view the configuration I have pictures in the September 21 photo album at my space which is located at:


I know your rig is not the same as my set up but it might give you an idea. I was able to spread my bars using Q-towers above the rear doors and having the cap set up to accept landing pads. Now in sharing that with you I know I am now open to comments about how there is flex between the cab and the cap and that it is not good to spread the bars so the cap comes into the setup. While that may be true I traveled many, many miles with that configuration and did not have a failure. I don’t use the truck to haul the kayaks anymore since I bought my Honda Element which is a really sweet vehicle!

~ bill

rack for full size pickup
I use a set of 2 thule cross bars and cradles to carry 2 kayaks on my extended cab GMC Sierra and tow a 29 ft trailer at the same time. I’d expect both Thule and Yakima to have adapter kits for your truck.