Kayak roof rack Jeep Wrangler hard top

Hi, We have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler, hard top, that we tow behind a 37 foot motor coach. we have 2 kayaks that we want to take with us but due to the placement of the spare tire, they will not fit in the back. We usually go an hour to 2 hours away and interstate travel. Has anyone used the foam pads and straps to carrier kayaks?

why not get a roof rack?

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Foam blocks and straps could probably work, but they can be a pain in the rear if you do it regularly, as opposed to a rack.
You have a 37' RV and made provisions to tow your Jeep. Why not make the right provisions for your boats and get a rack for the jeep? When you're not using it to carry boats, you can use it to carry all sorts of other things.

Roof rack
We used the foam straps a couple of times before we bought the Thule rack system from REI. I would not recommend using the foam straps for any long trips. Our kayaks came lose during a short trip to Lake Mead, from our home in Las Vegas. Plus the straps with the foam have to go through the cab. We also bought 2 foam racks because we didn’t feel secure enough having them stacked on top of each other.

Congo Cage
Do a search for Kargo Master Congo Cage.

These are strong enough for two kayaks or canoes, and don’t interfere with a hard or soft top.

The Congo Cage is typical entry-level carrier for Jeeps… you can spend much more.

I think you also need to buy the optional cross bars for the cage, but not the basket.

I’m planning to get one for my '05 LJ.