Kayak Roof Rack Lock Suggestions

Anyone have any suggestions on good ways to lock my rec kayak to my Thule J kayak racks on my SUV? Any products that work, don’t work?


Kayak lock
I bought an o-ring at the hardware store. First drilled a hole on top of the kayak and then installed the o-ring which comes with a nut at the bottom. Once that’s tightened, I doubt if most crooks carry a wrench to unscrew it. Then I purchased a long cable lock. Put it through the o-ring and then around the Thule bar. I have a Volvo XC70, so it’s impossible to remove the bars unless you have the exact tool that removes it. I hope this helps. Let us know.

There’s also a product on the market that’s actually a very long cable that goes around the bow and stern and then locks onto the rack. Look up kayak locks on the Web and you’ll find it. I can’t remember the name of the company.

Best, Arline

I got a Tieyak for $25 from eBay. No hole needed.


I just use a plastic coated cable
and padlock.



Locking Kayaks… another question
Thanks for the answers. Now the 2nd question… if you have 2 on the roof do you lock each separately or with 1 cable???


Yakima Boatlocker
is a nifty cable lock. It has a loop at one end, a stud at the other that is the same diameter as the cable, and a locking cylinder. The narrow stud can be threaded through many small holes, or around the seat. The cylinder takes a core which you can key alike for many Yakima items.

The best feature of the Boatlocker is that it comes with two hinged clamshell devices. These can be used to lock paddles on the roof - very handy for us Greenland paddle aafectionados.


Now for two kayaks
After you secure one kayak with a tieyak, I suppose you can secure the second kayak by a simple bicycle security cable to the tieyak cable. Look for a security metal loop behind the seat, under the deck. Mine has one.

We use the Lasso cables and are very satisfied with them.

You can see them here: http://www.lassosecuritycables.com/


Lasso - Me Too
Two sets of Lasso cables on two kayaks on Thule crossbars. Very good.

Get a big monster …
Kayak. Like a loon160T. Put it way way up high, over 6 feet, on top of your Suburban. Ain’t nobody going to bother it.

Thats what I did for 4 months while I finished the rack in the garage.


Yep !!
I use the same thing…Works Great !!