kayak roof rack question



no rear straps? not sure how I’d do them because they would run down the roof of the van first and maybe rub the paint off?

or is it ok as is


for boats that short
you don’t need to tie down the ends

Usually just use front ones.
I have straps on both front and rear racks, but only tie down bows to the front of the car. In fact on short trips I don’t even do that.

thanks for the info. I put about 20 miles today going to the lake and back and they didn’t move.



Towel or Mat?
Maybe consider a mat or towel to product the paint?

Agree with the above that boats that short don’t, really, need bow/stern straps to prevent them from moving sideways.

If you want to add extra safety feature, it is possible to run one strap through front doors on the inside, and the same in the back - first run the straps, then close the door. In the back this has the benefit of not interfering with operation of doors.

That is what we did for one of the longer trips. A bit unsighty on the inside, but who cares.

Pool noodles
I run my straps through pool noodles cut to length. I slit them lengthwise and just slip the straps in.

Use 3M film proctor
Here is the link I have been using it fro going on 5 years now still good.


I would not go without front and rear straps in case of a rack failure and it does take stress off of the rack while you are moving.

that’s good stuff!