Kayak Roof rack systems?

So when I finally buy a kayak I need a way to transport it. So I have started looking at rack systems. This one seems decent: Thule 883 Glide And Set - http://www.thuleracks.com/product.asp?dept_id=28&sku=883 Is there a rule of how a fiberglass kayak should be transported? On its side, sitting up right etc? What in your opinions are the best systems? I drive a 2006 4Door Honda Accord… Thanks!

Yakima and Thule make decent racks

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All you really need are the towers and bars. I like foam blocks like these http://www.rei.com/product/672422
They work as well as saddles and can be found used for $1/each. I carry my glass boats cockpit up

FG kayaks are usually not affected by
how they’re carried, though it is a good idea to distribute the force. I’ve used foam cradles made to fit the rack bars. In the past I used cradles, but they didn’t seem to do a better job, and they just added wind resistance when the boat was not on the rack.