Kayak Roof Rack

-- Last Updated: Mar-10-16 5:57 AM EST --

I am looking to purchase a roof rack for my Civic si coupe. I have a 13 foot kayak and currently I use foam blocks, but do not travel very far. I am looking to get something more stable and capable of longer distances and freeway traveling.

Is there any gear which I can purchase to ensure safe, stable transport over longer distances?

Yakima and Thule
Take a look at both companies’ websites.

They both have multiple solutions.

Don’t forget
Rhino rack and Inno.

There are a number of online retailers who carry all four brands. All you do is enter the year and model of your car and they list all your choices.

HD THULE clamshell rig went by carrying a Walmart yak.

Yakima Q Towers and round bars.
It is a horribly expensive setup but it is very strong and will last forever. Warming: there may be a lot of wind noise. Check the various message topics for how to cut wind noise. Suggestions including wrapping twine around the bars, or using pool swim noodes or pipe insulation. I haven’t tried any of these suggestions since I don’t mind the wind noise.

short roofline
Yakima q towers and bars plus a goodboy rack.