Kayak Roof Racks

Can someone offer suggestions? I want to transport two kayaks on the roof of my 2004 Prius. The car has no roof/luggage racks of any kind. When looking at options, it has become confusing on what I will need to accomplish this. Any thoughts?

Yakima Baseline system with a pair of Jaylow J cradles. Thule also makes a system that will work with your vehicle. Both will cost you $500-700 complete for all the parts and accessories, but the rack will move with you to other vehicles, and the peace of mind of knowing you have a proper fitting rack designed to carry loads is invaluable.

Definitely a third party rack, always worth looking at Thule too. Just check out bare roof options. My only disagreement with above is Jracks. I have been carrying sea kayaks for a bit over 20 years now and always had stackers and now saddle/glide pad combo because they are a lot easier IMO to load than Jracks. And cost the same or less. I am in the latter part of my 60s and always loading solo these days. Getting into avoidable arguments with a kayak rack is too much work.

Gas mileage will go down.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will check into those suggested. Overstreet, with a 51mpg Prius, if mileage goes down a bit it will be bearable…unless you are suggesting going down to 10-15! Thanks for the reminder. Most of my trips have been to nearby rivers and lakes within 25-40 miles but interested in expanding to some other areas and don’t want to continue laying down seats, shoving a yak in the back and bungee cords to hold the hatch down.

@Overstreet said:
Gas mileage will go down.

No kidding. On a trip to Florida last March with two boats on my roof, I was getting 17.5 MPG. Got 23 MPG on the same trip two weeks ago with no boats/rack.