Kayak rudder bracket fix?

One of the machine screws that secure the Seal Line rudder bracket to my kayak is floating free, (the threads in the kevlar are evidently stripped)

I tried a longer screw, but that didn’t grab anything either.

I have several thoughts for a fix such as filling the hole with epoxy and then while it is still wet, screw the bolt into it. If I do that will the bolt be able to unscrew when the epoxy hardens?

  • Fill the hole with epoxy , let it harden and then drill a pilot hole and use a regular pointed screw.
  • use the next larger diameter machine screw and see if I can retap it with it.

    Before I try anything I was wondering if any one else ever had this problem and if so how did you fix it?



Rudder bracket fix
Suggestion: Fill the hole with epoxy. When the epoxy dries drill a new hole. Drill the new hole smaller than the screw size then tap it with a drill and tap set. You can buy a drill and tap set at a hardware store . They aren’t expensive.Tip: When you get ready to drill put a piece of masking tape over where you are going to drill,mark the spot that you are going to drill with a pencil. This will keep the gel-coat from cracking. Good luck. Vaughn Fulton

Go ahead and fill the hole with epoxy, but first rub the bolt threads with parafin canning wax. Gently melt the wax with a hair drier. Repeat several times until you have a smooth coating of wax that does not fill the threads.

The wax will allow you to remove the bolt after teh epoxy cures, leaving an accurately threaded hole.

Good luck!


You don’t need a rudder

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...but don't put the rudder in wet resin. Drill it, tap it and make sure you work the starting tap in slowly.

Follow Vaughn's advice.