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Hello, Im new here and kayaking. I was wondering if I can get someone to help me with my rudder. I bought this 14.5 Kayak from a couple that never used their kayak. They said its a Riot brand. The rudder is spring loaded, so when I pull the cord to put it down in the water it doesn’t stay down it just springs back up. I have never used this kind, I have seen some rudders that has 2 wires, one to put it down and the other to pull it back up. This one has only one rope. hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance.

Is it this kayak?

If so, perhaps you could contact Riot and get help with the rudder.

My Smart track rudder is spring loaded
and works just the opposite.

Is there a cleat on the side of the boat with built in ridges that you can lock the cable to once the rudder is down?

jack L

Kayak rudder
Yes there is a cleat but for some reason its hard to slip the rope in. Thank your your reply.

Try taking off tension
One thing you might try is pulling with one hand to get tension by keeping that hand behind the cleat. Then there should be some loose line in front of your hand holding the tension. Use the other hand to put the “loose” section of rope into the cleat.

Your rudder might come up slightly as it retightens the line when you let go. But with some practice that should be minimal.

If you are already doing it this way then try the opposite method (keeping tension on the line as you try to jam it into the cleat). One way might work better than the other.


Replace line.
You may need a new softer line to grip well. If all else fails you can install a cam cleat which will give you a sure grip.


Kayak Rudder
Thank you for your suggestions.

Kayak Rudder
Thank you for your suggestion. I will look into getting one of those.