Kayak rudder question

I want to add a rudder to my Old Town Cayuga 160. I see a number of rudder kits available but, alas, I have no rudder kit experience. I’m tending toward a kit that has fixed foot braces with toe rudder controls, but I’m not sure which brands offer such. I also have a concern about being able to use existing foot brace holes… I don’t wanna start drilling new holes in my kayak. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Measure yours and call to check …
or let us know what you are thinking … Chances are they are 14.5" or 14.625" like most of the other stuff.

make sure you can push off with feet
Some rudders do not allow you to push off with feet as a rower

as far as a kit goes
Smarttrack is the way to go. Don’t worry about holes that much. If you have to put new ones just leave the old screws in and add the new ones.

Or call pat and have him build you a paddle too.

Ryan L.

You sure you need/want a rudder?
My Cayuga 146 came with a rudder. I used it more or less constantly—until the day I took a paddling lesson with an expert. Once I learned how to paddle properly, I was amazed at how well the Cayuga turned and tracked without a rudder, even in wind and waves. I was also amazed at the added speed and maneuverability when I stopped using the rudder. I almost never used it after that.

I would skip it.
I usually only use a rudder when sailing or really long trips. I would spend the money on lessons.

If you must have one I get the Crack if Dawn kit from Masthead Sailing. It has sliding pegs but it is reliable and you don’t brace a rec boat like you do a whitewater boat.