KAYAK rudder

Just bought a dagger catalyst 13.0. This kayak is great and tracks really nice on rivers and calm lakes, however there are times when I’m in a fairly large lake where it gets pretty gusty, I’m looking at investing in a rudder. Does anyone have any suggestions on what rudder would be good for this YAK. I’m in the dark on this one. Thanks in advance

Since rudders appear optional on
this model would contact closest Dagger dealer to order one or try dagger site direct.

Give it a little more time. If yours
was a 16 foot boat, I would say you’ll probably need a rudder. But on your boat, further growth of your paddling technique may save you from the expense of adding something that adds weight and drag that a short boat can ill afford. I had a rudder on my Necky 14.4 touring kayak, and I took it off. With so many years managing cranky whitewater craft, I just did not need a rudder on so short a boat.