Kayak saddles

I am looking for a cradle system on my new kayak rack for my 2014 Prius V. I recently had Rackattack install a Yakima “custom track” with towers. The holes are drilled, the rack is attached and now I have a 1" difference from the back cradle to the front with a 32" spread between the bars. I’m thinking of building up the one cradle with closed cell foam, and spreading the cradles further apart. Ideas anyone? Please don’t say I should have bought a different car.

If I am undrstanding you correctly
You mean the yaks will be either tilted up or down at a slight angle.

If it was me I would probably do what you are thinking of doing, but I would use high density gray foam either glued to the lower saddles or duct taped to them.

The pool noodles will not keep there shape and will crush down

Jack L

There’s only 32" between the crossbars
on my Honda Accord. I admit that’s a bit chintzy, but it hasn’t been a problem with canoes or kayaks.

I always carry touring kayaks inverted, which is best for gas mileage and avoiding rain in cockpit. You might have to do some foam cutting for an inverted carry, because 32" is roughly the same length as the rim length, and the back of the rim is (or should be) lower than the front.

With a short bar spacing, you should use polyester ropes, or something equally non-stretchy. Nylon ropes have to be snugged too tight when dry, in order to allow for their stretching when wet.

Another thing is to avoid using under-bumper end ties, but instead mount attachment loops at the borders of the hood and tailgate.

inverted carry
may give you all the difference you need.

inverted carry is hard for me
Perhaps its because I’ve been carrying my boats upright for so long, but when trying to lift an inverted kayak I found it extremely difficult with the assistance of my husband. Perhaps it was our height difference. Do you invert the yak once its up on the cradles??? It was suggested that its a “myth” in saving gas mileage and harder on the structure of the boat when carrying the boats this way. Any thoughts or suggestions? I will try your suggestion today since Spring has finally come to Ohio.

I only have 32" on my new
Subaru Forrester, and have no problem with two long sea kayaks, (right side up)

jack L