Kayak Sail / Outrigger

Hi, I’m interested in getting a kayak sail and/or outrigger. I have MS and when I go out into open water, I sometimes have some stamina issues and I believe a sail would help. I have a Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 Duralite with a rudder (I had it put on custom). Can anyone give me some advice on the best, easiest system to use? Thanks.

For practical puposes
Is you want something practical for moving the boat, then I would skip the outriggers and get a V sail like the Pacific action sail. It is good down winds and across the wind but not upwind. For all practical purposes you could paddle faster upwind that you could sail most any normal canoe or kayak.

If the wind is steady you could start your trip upwind and paddle until you are really tired, then sail back and just rest and steer with the rudder or paddle.

If you want to sail for sailings sake and only want to use a canoe or kayak, there is nothing better than the Balog BSD rid with outriggers. A used sunfish might be a better all around sailboat available for less than the cost of this rig. However, the BSD rig is beyond comparision in expeditions completed. The quality of their rig is top notch.