kayak sailing, anyone?

I have been doing much research on how best (using the term very loosely) to add a sailing option to my wilderness systems pamlico excel tandem (plastic, open cockpit) kayak. I have enjoyed downwind sailing with a tent fly held between two paddles but have craved the ability to harness the wind and go in other directions (other than down wind). While my resesrch has led me to construct the CLC sailrig (see www.clcboats.com ), I would like to hear from others on their experiences, ideas, opinions on how kayakers can harness the wind.

Thanks for sharing!

PS: the sailrig is still under construction and hasn’t been tested out yet but would be more than happy to share my experience so far with anyone interested.


I use a Balogh/Boss sail rig on my Seawind and find it to be superb. Where do you sail?


Funny, I just spoke with Mark Balogh this afternoon on the phone - he was very friendly helpful and knowledgable. Not to mention that his product seems to be in a league of its own in this realm.

I am in northen VT, sailing on Lake Champlain, as well as (occasionally) making my way to Buzzard’ Bay (Westport, MA).


What has your experience been with the BSD setup?

My experience with the BSD rig has been perfect. The installation was a peice of cake, beach set up simple, and sails well on all points. I have had it out on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, and a small inland lake in norther lower Michigan. Great rig, worth the $ and the wait.

not really a kayak but

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besides sailing open canoes I recently completed a stitch and glue decked sailing canoe. The rig is also homemade. The mast is reinforced painters extension pole, the sail is white poly tarp. Leeboard and rudder were all made from scrounged or cheap materials.

Set up from van to lake takes 15 minutes. Sails to all points. I have around $150 bucks in the sail rig. Price well under the Rolls Royce Balough rig.

Pics at: http://usera.imagecave.com/hoz/SG_Decked_Sailcanoe/
There is a fellow (Tord Eriksson) at yahoo sailing canoes http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sailing_canoes/

Tord has fabricated a rig for his Klepper foldboat. Main, jib and mizzen with outriggers (also known as akas and amas). When sailing a kayak I would assume outriggers are a necessity.

BTW, a couple of years ago I read an article in Messing About In Boats (MAIB) where a guy made a set of outriggers from an aluminum pole and boat fenders. He called it the "HOSS" system, a take off on the Balough "BOSS" system. Again he had less than $50.00 in his outriggers.

ALSO, there is a website of New Zealand kayakers who sail the ocean. I saw it last year but didn't save the link. They share their knowledge on homemade sail rigs.

BSD design
Nothing like a design that’s derived from actual use.

pics of your rig
Sorry, couldn’t access your pics. Would love to see them. Try again?


any more thoughts, ideas, experiences, l
Thanks for sharing all. I hope that others will share , as well, or at least check out the info you shared. This is such a easy wayuto get great enjoyment out the boat you already have.

try this one: http://usera.imagecave.com/hoz/SG_Decked_Sailcanoe/

Pacific Action Sail Here
Hello All

I’ve been having great fun with my Pacific Action sail rig. Has done all I wanted and more on my Prijon Kodiak, and most recently my new WS Tarpon 160.

Have been using it year-round for a little more than 2 years now…no problems at all.