Kayak schools in NC??

I am looking for affective and affordable Kayak lessons. A place that i can practice on multiple Kayaks(for future purchase). I am located in the Eastern Part of North Carolina, about 1 1/2 hour west of the ocean.


Nantahala Outdoor Center

Bryson City, North Carolina


Get in contact with the ACC.


Im In Wilmington
I am relativly new but having gotten started I can point you to Saltmarsh Kayaks located in Wrightsville Beach. You can take a look at their website at saltmarshkayak.com to see the classes that they offer and the boats they handle. There is also a link which will bring up a couple of other paddle shops in the area. Ive heard good things about several but only done business with the one so far.

I am taking a rescues and bracing class this Saturday which will be my first class for this year.

good luck,


The NC coastline is one long…
…coastline, and you didn’t say what part you are near.

Unless you are planning on overnight, forget the NOC. They are eight or more hours from you if you are that close to the coast.

There are two places at Kitty Hawk that offer lessons and one of them has a fairly large selection of yaks.



try get outdoors
they used to be pro canoe and kayak. go to www.procanoe.com.

NC Instruction
A fairly good listing can be found on this board by going to Directories, More Links, Associations, then scrolling down to NC Professional Paddlesports Assn.


Get Outdoors
is a good source. Very nice people at the Greensboro location.

Another thought on the lessons
Many moons ago I took a multi week rolling class at U N C Charlotte, and the cost was peanuts.

Check with one of the colleges or community colleges near you.

I’ll bet U N C Wilmington has classes.



Kayak Schools
You might want to check this web site. WWW.BARRIERISLANDKAYAKS.COM. They are located in Swansboro, NC just off the tip of beautiful Emerald Isle. Good and friendly people with lots of Kayaking experience.

I looked at the summer UNCW catalog and did not find any kayaking classes. I got the idea from a friends daughter going to App State where she is taking several classes.