Kayak Seat Back Extender- Any tips?

I have a Pungo classic sit in kayak.

The seat is comfortable, but I would like the

seat back to be a bit higher. Since I am a 6’2" guy, what came with the kayak is a bit low for me.

This is for nice, slow flat water kayaking, so comfort is the goal.

I have found LOTS of Sit On Top seats, but can not locate any sort of a seat extender for a sit in kayak.

Anyone out there with some tips, sources or ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Sit Up Straight
In the long run you will be happier if you work on your back muscles and try to have better posture when paddling.

thanks seadart!
But that is not very helpful.

I have fine posture; but after a

few hours in the saddle, it would be

nice to be able to relax a bit and

lean back on a supportive seat back

that is high enough for someone my size.

Wilderness Systems used to direct sell a seat extender specially made made for the classic pungo. Contact them.

Rapid Pulse seats

This is the company that makes the seat used in QCC’s. They now offer a larger model, 2" longer and 2" higher than the stock one. Seems a bit pricey at over $70 though.