Kayak seat back`

I am looking at getting a Kayak Pro Nemo but am worried about the lack of any seat back. Is there a good add-on I could buy that anyone recommends or anything else I could do to remedy this. I am looking to do long distance races and trips and definitely would like to have a back on the seat. Thanks.

Looks like a surf ski. Most have deep
molded seats. Have you seen it in person and paddled it?

A back band might be a good bet.

seat back
I had a back band on my Artisan Millenium and I didn’t find it comfortable. I retrofit a seat back I got from Pat at ONNO and it improved my comfort dramatically. I like having a firm surface that supports my lower back.

My surfski has a molded seat and it’s comfortable enough/

You can always rig something…
That kayak is a fairly serious racing kayak. A backrest will only hinder fairly serious racers. The molded seat should keep your butt from sliding backwards.

Have you tried this boat?

I will be using this kayak for straight up paddle races, but also for multi day adventure racing. This is where I’m mostly concerned with a backrest. I may need to rest for a while and want something to lean against.

If you must
Get one that doesn’t interfere with the extensive torso rotation. Or use a foam block that just contacts lower spine like older boats had.