kayak seat cushion

Bought a Ocean Kayaks Kea for my Grandaughter (12) She is having a problem sitting on the hard plastic for any length of time. Any ideas about a cushion or seat for this problem ?

PS a natural paddler

Sweet Cheeks

Works great. Good Luck


I don’t own a Skoosh cushion, but have heard rave reviews about them. Old fashioned minicell foam sheet cut and shapped to fit your rear end is the cheapest alternative. Use Weldwood flammable contact cement to glue it in.

I use a minicell cushion from Lowe’s made for kneeling while working in the yard. I have not glued mine in, just sit on it.

Wanted the least expensive one & think that pad for kneeling in garden is just the right thing.


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Don’t cheap out too much. Remeber: your a$$ deserves the best.

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get a thermarest seat pad and velcro it down. You can use it 90% deflated and it’ll be a huge improvement for her inflated 50%.